Chef's Kitchen | Joanna Artieda


In 2021, we made 24 testimonial videos for Paloma Finesse's " Chef's Kitchen " project which is pop-up restaurant located inside Paloma Finesse and guest chefs, were creating one week menu with the influence of the environment and their local tradition. In the end we had opportunity to work with a lot of successful chefs from all around the world and had chance to try different delicious foods. Some of them have Michelin stars, some of them high potentials. Joanna Artieda, along with offering master classes, she leads prestigious counseling and sweet gastronomic education with Michelin stars, in an exclusive way. This 2020, she incorporates as creative of the INDPT group in the Arab Emirates.

Client: Paloma Finesse
Agency: Prodigy
Production Company: Super 35
People: Joanna Artieda